With his Hilarious, Spectacular, Interactive Action-Packed Act for All Ages!

Entertainment includes a zany 30-minute show with juggling,
unicycling (6-foot unicycle!), giant transforming origami, magic, comedy,
and more, often followed by roving or interaction with the
 kids/adults -- teaching juggling/origami or making balloon animals.
Jimijim is also a fire eater, fire juggler, stilt walker and is 100% insured.
For corporate banquets, entertainment can be a stage show, and/or roving -- assorted 3-minute performances at each table. In addition, roving includes unicycling around while juggling bright computerized glowballs.
Featured on Evening Magazine. Fluent in Spanish. Serving the whole WORLD.


Juggling -- More than Just a Metaphor!

Jimijim’s act often begins with a zany
three-ball juggling routine filled with all
sorts of dissappearing ball tricks and
silly humor. Then comes an array
of fast-paced routines which are selected
on the spot to best fit the particular audience
and timeframe. A few of these acts include:

“Contortionist Juggling”
“Juggling Inside a Hoberman Sphere”
“Out of Control on a Tiny Unicycle!”
“Crystal Ball Contact Juggling”
“Freddy the Juggling Frog”

“Numbers Challenge: 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 balls!”
“Blind Juggling,” “Computerized Globalls”
“Juggling Five on a Six-Foot Unicycle!”

“Karate Juggling Lesson” and various other
stunts involving volunteers

For the finale, Jimijim likes to perform his
spectacular 5-minute fire act which includes
torches, fire balls, flaming shoes, flaming
 origami, flaming unicycle and fire eating.

The fire show is optional -- plenty of other
acts are spectacular enough to be presented as “The Finale!”


What, Origami is a Performance Art?

 Jimijim delights audiences by demonstrating his amazing original models. Imagine a piece of paper folded into
nail clippers that really work,or a
Swiss Army knife that actually opens,
or a surfer on a wave that crashes
when the surfer is slid forward.
Giant pop-ups, crazy transforming hats, and models that explode open in vibrant colors are all part of Jimijim’s spectacular and unique 10-minute origami show.
In addition he has lots of surprisingly
simple original models that he can teach
to large crowds, which is a show in itself!

Jimijim has performed his
origami on TV talk shows, has been
invited as guest of honor to
origami conventions in seven
different countries and even wrote a origami book sold internationally